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A photo capturing and video recording app that has expanded features allowing for the uploading of pics and videos to various social media sites.

Timers, delays and a one hundred photo picture capture limit. A video record selection lets you set the amount of time you wish to record, and a timer which lets you set the delay before the video capture is initiated. A myriad of filters have been incorporated so the user can post process the captured image.

This app can be used in conjunction with the actual GhoStick product(The only iPhone case that sticks or as an independent camera app with enhanced features. Extremely useful and simple to use.


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User friendly

The app allows you to take up to 100 photos (1-100 you set it) with the push of a single button. It also allows you to take multiple photos with an interval delay option in between photos, making this app unique in its very own way.

It was also created with a non-mirroring effect to allow the photo to be captured just the way it was intended to be. The app also features a built in timer from (1-60) seconds allowing you the user to choose.


Filters, Filters, Filters

19 cool filters

The ultimate app paired with your ghostick case for those who capture life through a lens. Showcase your best pictures and connect with millions of people around the world. Take your pics to the next level, gain exposure and even post them on our platform. Your next step starts with the ghostick app.

Post your favorite pictures on our Instagram. And you could end up on our site for ghostick picture of the month. All winners receive a FREE case.

So what are you waiting for, download the app for FREE in the app store and begin to capture those great shots like never before.


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After you capture that priceless photo, instantly upload it to your favorite social media platform. Instagram | facebook | twitter and more to come soon. Its easy!

We love taking photos and videos so just think how great it would be to instantly upload them for the world to see. Be the first and remember to #ghostick or #ghostickcase and you could be selected to win in any of our giveaways. Now thats Cool!



version 1.0

Since we launched the app, the reviews have been outstanding. But we also fee that we can impove on this amazing app. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

We are currently working on version 1.2 with all the amazing feedback we have receives Order Here, order your case and enjoy!.

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