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The story of how the Ghostick was created is one that’s not too uncommon on the entrepreneurial landscape.  Franco, the Founder, had the original idea for the product after struggling with several subpar cases and letting his creative juices flow.  Without the engineering expertise to bring his idea to fruition, he was introduced to his former business partner Chris.

Under Biancamano Ventures, Franco now has the foundation and combined power he needed to develop and market the Ghostick Case. Franco formed an ideal executive leadership team at BV – the perfect cohesion of visionary inventor and technical guru to make this case possible.




The Ghostick App


Description & Features

A photo capturing and video recording app that has expanded features allowing for the uploading of pics and videos to various social media sites. Timers, delays and a one hundred photo picture capture limit. A video record selection lets you set the amount of time you wish to record, and a timer which lets you set the delay before the video capture is initiated. A myriad of filters have been incorporated so the user can post process the captured image. This app can be used in conjunction with the actual GhoStick product(The only iPhone case that sticks www.ghostick.com) or as an independent camera app with enhanced features. Extremely useful and simple to use.

General Overview

The Ghostick is a never-before seen, multipurpose iPhone and tablet case.  Similarly to the other cases on the market, it provides outstanding protection against drops and other potentially harmful instances that could damage a device.  However, our product offers so much more.  With a focus on added functionality, the proprietary, durable, and elegant Ghostick protects your phone while giving you the ability to use it hands-free in hundreds of situations.The key feature that makes the Ghostick so incredibly unique is its patented suction cup design.  It allows the case (and your phone) to securely attach to thousands of different surfaces, creating a firm seal that has no danger of coming unattached.  You can use Ghostick practically anywhere; just snap in your phone or tablet, stick it to the desired surface, and take advantage of many of your device’s great features.

Uses and Features

Perhaps the primary use of the Ghostick is the enhancement it gives to a device’s camera.  The days of depending on a person to take a picture, or of snapping a “selfie” with subpar quality, are over.  The Ghostick allows your phone to stick to any smooth surface within your desired photo range.  Then, using our free iOS timer app, simply set the desired time you wish the picture to be taken, and get in your favorite pose.  The app allows users to initiate up to 100 pictures with the click of a button, customize the amount of time between each, and even use filters to improve the shots.  It also allows for seamless uploading onto Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Enhanced camera use isn’t the only bit of added functionality our product provides.  With the Ghostick, many of your phone’s apps and features can now be optimized like never before.  The following examples represent just a handful of the Ghostick’s seemingly limitless potential uses:

  • Stick it to a car or train window to watch movies/videos while commuting

  • Stick it to your mirror to take “selfies”

  • Stick it on your car windshield for hands-free GPS while driving

  • Stick it to a bathroom tile and listen to music while showering

  • Stick it on your guitar to tune it or record music

  • Upload presentations to tablets and stick to any surface for easy display

  • Stick it anywhere for on-the-run makeup application without a mirror

  • Stick a credit card or driver’s license to it

  • And many, many more

  • Ghostick Specs

    The full Ghostick product is comprised of two components.  The first is the outer shell, which serves as the protective element of the case.  The second is the suction cup insert, which contains multiple suction points and fits firmly inside the outer shell – providing that valuable added functionality.  Suction cup inserts can be removed easily when needed and quickly switched out for other colors.  Current versions of the Ghostick fit the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and Samsung s5.  R&D is currently underway towards the creation of Ghosticks for iPhone 6, the rest of the Android phones, and tablets.

    Our easily-interchangeable suction cup inserts are available in the following colors:

  • Yellow

  • Green

  • Pink

  • Black

  • White

  • Blue

  • Red

  • And, glow-in-the dark (coming soon)

  • This wide variety of color options actually gives the Ghostick another potential use.  Especially for the younger demographic, the colors are great for fashion accessorizing and for matching your Ghostick with outfits.  Since the inserts are so easily removable, there’s great potential for kids to trade them with friends and classmates at school.  With this in mind, we’ve made the inserts available for individual purchase. A full utility patent helps protect the Ghostick’s unique engineering from potential competitive attacks.  It was granted to us last year, and specifically outlines our proprietary rights to the two-part case with suction cups.


    Mix and Match colors


    The Ghostick Fleet

    Here are all the colors and cases available for Ghostick at this time. Mix and Match colors in any combination to fit your preference or mood. There are hunderds of possibilities and endless uses.

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    Cool Uses

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